The API gives access to the progress information for SIPs previously submitted to the DNS. Various kinds of SIP-Identification can be used to get the appropriate information.

Service URL

Contractors must use the Service URL of their associated Service Provider. Secure HTTP (https) is supported exclusively. Redirect from http to https depends on the Providers facilities. According to RFC-2616 all characters with special function in URL have to be encoded when using one of the services.


Service "status/index"


Service returns information about the actual state of a SIP delivered to the DNS System. The SIP in request must be identified by one of the above defined parameters. It can be identified either with the DNS internal identifier, with the filename of the SIP as it was submitted originally into the system (origName) or the urn generated by DNS (or already being sent by SIP).

The originalName should be the name, the item is listed in your own domain, while the other identifiers (identifier and urn) are build during the ingest process (or being sent by SIP). Container name correlates with the name of the file submitted including the file extension.

In case of sending Deltas to objects (and to determine their respective states during processing), containerName or urn should be used, while the origName of objects is not changed anymore.

The JSON returned includes all types of information about the SIP submitted or the AIP being stored.


curl -v -H "Accept: application/json" X GET -u username --url "https://server/daweb3/status/index?urn=urn%3Anbn%3Ade%3Ahbz%3A6%3A1-31323"

Example Response

[{"type":"Object","status":"archived","urn":"urn:nbn:de:hbz:6:1-31323","contractor":"hbzadmin","origName":"06-Apr-2016-T-15-10-01-urn+nbn+de+hbz+6+1-31323","identifier":"8-2016040610214","packages":["<package name for backward compliancy as numeric value"]}


Contractors must authenticate with BASIC AUTH. Credentials are same as contractor's.


Service "automatedRetrieval/queueForRetrievalJSON"


Service triggers the queuing of an Information Package for retrieval. The Information Package has to be stored within the DNS system previously and will be delivered to the Contractor's directory dedicated for package retrieval (e.g. outcoming). If successfully delivered Contractor can access the package via sftp, or if supported by Service Provider via daweb console.

The JSON POST Data must at least contain one of the following fields: urn, identifier, origName.

The response indicates the creation of retrieval request only. It does neither indicate successful delivery to the Contractor's outcoming directory nor the retrieval of DIP by Contractor.


curl -v -H "Accept: application/json" X POST -u username --url "https://server/daweb3/status/index?urn=urn%3Anbn%3Ade%3Ahbz%3A6%3A1-31323"

Example Response

The request should create a retrieval job. The response is: